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Penetrating damp is a common problem on brick, stone, and masonry buildings. Most people become aware of penetrating damp in their property because of damp patches on interior decorating surfaces but it can also be indicated by symptoms such as exterior efflorescence and eroded weather-facing surfaces. Get in touch with Smith Damp Proofing Ltd for quality penetrating damp treatments today!

About Penetrating Damp

Keeping buildings dry is important when it comes to creating a long-lasting, functional and energy efficient space. Studies have proven that saturated brick, stone and masonry, can have up to 50% worse thermal resistance than dry materials. Saturated structures can also suffer material decay, rot and mould growth. Penetrating damp is usually caused by the following:

  • Porous Walls — Ageing Bricks Lose the Ability to Keep out Rain Penetration
  • Spalled Bricks and Degraded Mortar — Damage to Brickwork Allows Water to Penetrate
  • Building Defects — Defective Guttering and Downpipes, Roof Damage, and Dilapidated or Poorly Installed Windows Can Cause Issues

What Can We Do?

It is often necessary to re-point a wall before dealing with rain penetration. Over time, pointing mortar can shrink and degrade, creating small cracks between the pointing and the brickwork or stonework. Laboratory tests show that when this happens it can drastically exacerbate penetrating damp. Stormdry Repointing Additives are specifically developed to create a long-lasting and damp-proof mortar. This is carried out on the exterior of the building where you have water making its way in.

Once the brickwork has been repaired and re-pointed, a cream is applied to the brickwork. Stormdry is a colourless, breathable, water-repellent treatment for brick, concrete and stone walls. It is supplied in the form of a deeply penetrating cream that is applied to the wall surface using a roller or brush.

More about Stormdry

Stormdry is based on carefully selected silanes and siloxanes which line the pores of the masonry to form a water-repellent silicone matrix. Because it works by lining the pores rather than blocking them, the masonry is allowed to breathe and does not suffer from increased frost damage (spalling). Due to its novel formulation and deep penetration, Stormdry is resistant to UV light and other forms of degradation, resulting in a life expectancy of between 20 and 30 years.

Once the Stormdry has been applied on the exterior brickwork, the inside plasterwork which is damaged will need to be removed back to the brickwork. Then a two-coat rendering system with a sika waterproofing additive will be applied to the areas and finally be skimmed with a multi-finish plaster.

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