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At Smith Damp Proofing Ltd, we offer outstanding basement and cellar tanking services to clients in Barnet, London. Using the best products, including storage area-appropriate, water-resistant cement bases, we keep your underground spaces free from moisture. For a great service you can trust, call us now.

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Vandex BB75 is a cementitious waterproofing slurry (tanking slurry) with hydrophobic properties, making it resistant to water and moisture. Vandex BB75 is applied by trowel or spray to surfaces such as concrete, masonry, and render. These surfaces have to be sealed and protected against the influence of water and moisture.

Once cured, Vandex BB75 tanking slurry forms a waterproof coating (tested up to 7 bar). It can be employed against active and passive water pressures and is approved for use in contact with potable water. The initial and final bonding capability of Vandex BB75 is excellent, making it suitable for application to horizontal as well as vertical surfaces. It is durable, resistant to frost and heat after setting, and vapour-permeable. The properties of Vandex BB75 can be further enhanced by using the “Vandex PK75” or “Vandex Cemelast Liquid” polymers as a gauging solution; the resulting products being referred to as Vandex BB75 E and Vandex Cemelast.

Vandex BB75 is not intended to provide a decorative finish. In most cases, the Vandex BB75 waterproofing layer is covered with a suitable plaster such as Vandex Refurbishment Plaster. Surfaces to receive Vandex BB75 treatment must have a clean and well-keyed surface to ensure maximum bonding. Structural defects must be fixed before treatment begins usually in cellars and basements which are not new builds, a two-coat rendering system is used with a sika waterproofing additive. This means that the walls are straight and flat, and that the vandex can be applied evenly. Before the bb75, a fillet of vandex uni motar is used in the floor-to-wall junction as this is the weakest point and it needs to be strengthened. This is left for 24 hours before adding the final two coats.

We spray our vandex as it’s a more efficient, quicker way of applying the material. We give it two coats of bb75 and apply the second coat while the first is still wet. This vandex system is also suitable for:

  • Underground Car Parks
  • Lift Pits
  • Base and Cellar Waterproofing Refurbishments
  • Fish Ponds and Water Features
  • Reservoirs and Water Treatment Works
  • Sewer Treatment Stations

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