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Can I live in my property while the work is being carried out?

It will depend on each individual case, we try to keep dust and rubble to a minimum, but we will discuss this with you before any work commences.

Why does the plaster on the walls have to be removed during a damp proof-course, it does not look to bad?

The plaster may contain salts carried up from the ground, such as chlorides and nitrates which are hygroscopic and have the ability to absorb moisture from the atmosphere, which in cases of high humidity can cause continuing dampness to the internal wall surfaces. Replacing this plaster resolves the problem and using an additive in the sand/cement backing coat will prevent any residual salts in the brick work from migrating into the plaster after the rising dampness has been controlled.

Is the work guaranteed and for how long?

Yes, most treatments carry a 10 year company guarantee and for an extra one off premium this guarantee can be insured in the unlikely the event we cease trading. How long should I wait until redecorating the treated walls? The treated walls can be painted with a matt emulsion once they have dried out, (generally 2-3 weeks). A period of 12 month is required to apply wallpaper.


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